Item #3 discussionEdit

Cid and I had a discussion this morning, and I wanted to make the notes here before they got lost.

  • Logic behind current is for possible transfers to a separate MA/xx later.
  • Another option would be to have a template {{L|international_title|language_code}} that is used instead of standard wiki links. When the wikis are split, that could be replaced with the proper title.
  • Alternate option, leave the links on articles as is, so "James T. Kirk/cs" links to "Kapitan", which redirects to "Captain/cs". "Captain/cs" links to "Spock", which takes you to a disambig page. If "Kapitan" is the proper name in more than one language, that becomes a disambig page, and "Kapitan/cs" is a redirect to "Captain/cs".
    • As such, we would have disambiguation articles for both the English title as default, and for all titles with "multi-local" use
  • We should have a "proper local title" template defined on all pages that, in combination with JS, would replace the article title, so that "Captain/cs" will appear to be located at "Kapitan".

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