1. Standard title for any article is the name of the subject in the english original. Example:
    • Captain (for all articles describing the same subject as en:Captain, which is the military rank)
  2. If more than one language version of an article gets created, all versions are moved to subpages of the english article title, with the subtitle being the proper language code. The english article title, in this case, becomes a disambiguation page for all these versions. Example:
  3. If an official translation exists, the localized name can be used as the page title instead. In this case, the "international" page title as described before should redirect to that localized title. Example:

In any case, each article needs to specify the language it is written in, using the template {{lang|xx}} (where "xx" is substituted by the proper language code). This template is, among other things, used to add the article to a language category.

See wikipedia:Language code for a list of language codes.

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